Copyright 2010 Gregory's Creative Cuisine
Gregory's Creative Cuisine has been proudly serving the St. Louis Metropolitan area
since 1991.. Owner and Executive Chef Gregory Mosberger has distinguished his
company through exceptional cuisine, presentation, and service. Catering is often the
heart of any event. At Gregory’s, we recognize that our attention to detail and excellence
is the key to our success, and the reason clients turn to us time and time again.

Gregory's operates out of a first-class catering kitchen near Bevo Mill. Designed by
Chef Gregory, and equipped for heavy duty use, this kitchen serves as the launching
pad for an array of wonderful eating experiences. Of course, Gregory's also prepares
foods in the kitchens of its clients or at other off-premises sites as required by the
event. No matter where the event is located, fine dining is the rule.

Chef Gregory understands image as well as food. In addition to using fresh seasonal
ingredients, Gregory’s Creative Cuisine is eco-friendly and offers locally grown and
organic options and a full range of services to compliment your event.  Gregory's
coordinates flowers, decorations, rentals, music, valet parking, menu design, ice
sculptures, bartending, photography, lighting and sound, and other aspects of special
event planning, as requested, at locations within a 250 mile radius of St.Louis. Chef
Gregory and his staff are proud to have catered many exceptional events at some of the
area’s most unique and exclusive
venues. This range of choices leaves the client free
to handle any aspects that they are comfortable with or have time for . . .or to confidently
hand over all the details to Gregory's. To maintain the highest standards, Gregory's
caters to no more than two events per day.

Corporate Events & Parties: Chef Gregory helps his clients achieve the style and
ambiance needed to secure new clients or thank old ones; enhance the success of an
opening event; add a special spark to sales meetings, seminars, awards ceremonies,
parties; or launching a new product or service and more.

Weddings: Of all life’s great events, your wedding celebration may be one of the most
exciting, personal, and memorable.  You want it to be as unique as you are – to reflect
your lives and to linger in your memories forever.   Chef Gregory and his staff
understand weddings and everything that makes them special, from time honored
traditions to original twists. We would be honored to help you plan the perfect wedding

School Lunch: Gregory's has provided delicious hot lunch service to local schools
since 1992. Kids love Chef Gregory's hot lunch! No more lunches in the trash, trading
of lunches, or just eating desserts or junk food. To find out more about our school
lunch program, visit our Schools page.

All of Gregory's staff is licensed, insured, bonded and have up to date inoculations.

Chef Gregory is a member of:
• NACE - National Association of Catering Executives
• ISES --International Special Events Society
• ACF --American Culinary Federation
• ICA - International Caterers Association
• St.Louis Culinary Society
Chefs de Cuisine Association
• Better Business Bureau